Friday, November 29, 2013

Drosh people condemned elements spreading rumors of terrorism.

 Drosh people condemned elements spreading rumors of terrorism.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  Residents of Drosh condemned some people who spreading rumors of terrorism at peaceful area of Drosh only for their personal benefits. An emergency meeting was held at Afzal House Drosh some 45 KM from here under the chair of Maqsood Ali Khan which was attended by representatives of different political and religious parties as well as elites of the area. They highlighted different issues of Drosh area. They lamented public health engineering department for their apathy. They said that a water supply scheme worth 170 million has been launched in previous government but it is still incomplete. They also fire C&W department for their poor performance in alignment and construction of girls degree college Drosh worth 350 million work still not started on  this college as a result thousands of our girls students deprived from further education. They said that there are only 5 doctors at Drosh hospital for more than 1 lac population. The speakers strongly condemned some elements who pass a fake resolution in rest house Drosh a few days back in a meeting and they alleged Afzal Shah and some innocent people as terrorists. They said that family of Afzal Shah are well developed and learned persons and they have no links with militants. They said that there was personal dispute between Imtiaz Jan and Qaji Jamal Nasir but Syed Tufiq Jan call a meeting on the name of peace but high jacked it for personal interest. They said Imtiaz Jan and Tanveer Advocate were running movement against civil Judge Drosh but Qari Jamal Nasir held a rally in favor of Civil Judge on this Imtiaz Jan given him life thread on phone. On complaint of Qari Jamal Nasir Drosh police lodged FIR arrested Imtiaz Jan and was sent to prison. That is why his father taking its revenge and alleged his opponent group as terrorist.
A unanimous resolution was also passed during the public meeting demanding from the authorities to abandon and rejects the fake resolution of rest house and takes action against those people who cheating authorities. Those who spoke on the occasion were Engineer Afzal Shah, Khush Nawaz, Nazaneen, Haider Abbas, Muhammad Shifa, Enzar Gul, Raja Muhammad Kaldami, Mubeenul Mulk, Abdul Majeed, Sher Nayab, Nasir Mahmood, Salahuddin, Abdul Khaliq, Mir Nawaz, Sher jawan, Haider Raza, Fazal Khaliq, Qari Jamal Nasir and Mulvi Inamullah. The speakers also demanded from new Army chief General Raheel Sharif  to continue   former chief of Army staff announcement about construction of Arando road on Pak Afghan border area which is in very dilapidated condition causing for accidents frequently. The meeting disbursed peacefully with praying words of Maulana Inaul Haq.


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