Sunday, December 29, 2013

International Mountain Day Celebrated in Schools

International Mountain Day Celebrated in Schools
Chitral: With the support of Snow Leopard Foundation Chitral the students of different schools celebrated International Mountain Day. In this connection special programs arranged in 12 different schools of Chitral. These activities were conducted by the students Nature Club. Student participated in Urdu, English speech and quiz. The students of schools delivered speeches about importance of mountains, ecosystems and environmental protection.  SLF staff and the teachers of schools also participated in the program.
Head of the schools thanked SLF for carrying such useful event for the students of schools. They urged students to be very careful about nature and work for environmental protection. School teachers suggested that Nature Clubs should be made strong.
The schools where Mountain Day celebrated include GHSS Mori Lasht, GHS Koghuzi, GHS Koghuzi, GHS Kuju, GMS Kuju, Ideal Public School Koghuzi, As-Sufa School Koghuzi, GMS Bokhtuli, GMS Parsan, AKCBS Bokhtulu & Parsan.
It is related to mention that Snow Leopard Foundation is undertaking a USAID funded project under its Ambassador Fund Program and these activities are an important component of the project.


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