Wednesday, December 4, 2013

JUI Discards Schedule of Lowari Tunnel

 JUI Discards Schedule of Lowari Tunnel
CHITRAL: Jamiat Ullema Islam Chitral has strongly rejected the decision of NHA regarding the opening of Lowari Tunnel for only 2 days in two weeks during the winter season when Lowari road is blocked. In a press release JUI Chitral has criticized the NHA for discomforting the people and said that this decision was not acceptable to the people of Chitral and JUI will launch massive protest across the district till the decision is repealed. As the tunnel was being constructed for the people of Chitral therefore in these harsh days the people must have access and we will not tolerated the humiliation of our people on both sides of the tunnel, the JUI press release said.  JUI demanded opening of Lowari Tunnel for general public at least 3 days a week. The current decision is provocative and aimed to irritate the peaceful people of Chitral, whom doesn't have access to land route to travel inside their own country, JUI added. 


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