Saturday, December 28, 2013

Lawari top blocked for all type of vehicular traffic.

Lawari top blocked for all type of vehicular traffic.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL: The only land route connecting Chitral to other sorts of the country has been blocked at Lawari top after snowfall early in the morning on Saturday. While Lawari tunnel is also close for traffic and National Highway Authority and Korean construction company Sambo not allow  any passenger vehicle to travel inside the tunnel. Hence source told this scribe that vehicle of influential persons can travel through the lawari tunnel but it is ban for poor people. Although Peshawar High court in its verdict had decided that the tunnel will be open at least 3 days a week for passengers because there is no alternate road for Chitral people. As well as court of Senior Civil Judge Chitral also had decided in its verdict that the tunnel will be open after each working day a week. A local person Haider Ghazi told this scribe on phone from Lawari tunnel southern portal that some 50 vehicles have been reached at 8.00 AM from Peshawar to reach Chitral but they besieged in front of Lawari tunnel because Lawari top is block due to snowfall and NHA staff not allow them to travel inside the  Lawari tunnel. He said that a large number of passengers including women and children waiting for its opening for the last 8 hours in severe cold weather as snowfall is continue at Lawari top and passengers facing great problems.
Besides it due to disturbed weather PIA scheduled flights also cancelled and people of Chitral have been besieged within the valley and Shundor top road also block due to snowfall. Light snowfall continues at upper parts of Chitral and on the top of Lawari pass. Residents of Chitral demanding from Federal government for early opening of Lawari tunnel for passengers. Besides it there is acute shortage of edible things at Chitral due to closing of main land route of Chitral. People of Chiral might face starvation of Lawari tunnel was not open for traffic to supply food items from down districts.  They have been besieged in their houses because of no business these days and life have been compounded.


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