Friday, December 13, 2013

People of Chitral urged on Govt. for opening of Lawari tunnel on daily basis.

People of Chitral urged on Govt. for opening of Lawari tunnel on daily basis.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  Lawari top is the only land route connecting Chitral to other sorts of the country but it remain block in winter  season due to heavy snowfall from December to April every year. Although former president of Pakistan General retired Parvez Musharaf had completed excavation of 8.5 kilometers long Lawari tunnel (beneath the lawari top mountain) but work suspended in Pakistan People's Party regime  for 5 years as a result its completion also badly affected and delayed. Source told this scribe that under  a conspiracy Korean construction company Sambu and National High way Authority (NHA) drawn a huge amount from government exchequers on the pretext that work of SAMBU is affecting due to vehicular traffic inside the lawari tunnel when they stop work but unfortunately there is no progress in previous 5 years. Provincial government of KPK has earmarked 3 billion rupees for construction of Lawari tunnel. Hence on closing of Lawari pass road people facing great problems due to no alternate land route.
Sambu Company reluctant to open the tunnel for traffic on daily basis they stressed on opening the tunnel for only one day a week. Although Chief Justice Peshawar High Court Mr. Justice Dost Muhammad Khan in his verdict directed the chief Secretary of KPK and concern authority for opening Lawari tunnel on daily basis or at least  3 days a week but implementation on this court decision is still awaited. Lawari top remain block every year due to heavy snowfall from December to April or May during this period Chitral people using Kunar road Afghanistan in past but after completion of excavation work of Lawari tunnel they use this shortest route.
At present there is acute shortage of edible things at Chitral market but unfortunately no elected representative is present at Chitral for redress of public problems even a large number of people also complained of Deputy Commissioner Chitral that he not discussed this issue with high ups for opening Lawari tunnel timely for vehicular traffic in winter season. They said that DC Chitral Muhammad Shuaib Jadoon come to his office at 11 PM and hesitate to meet any applicant or citizen of Chitral to hear their problems. Elites of Chitral told this scribe that government should to engage Sambu Company in access roads, bridges and other work related to Lawari tunnel and open the tunnel for traffic on daily basis or at least 8 hours a day. Due to closing of Lawari top and lawari tunnel a large number of candidate could not appear in Public Service Commission competition examination even courier companies returned their applications due blockage of road and it was not possible to communicate these letters to its destination timely
Residents of Chitral demanding from the federal government for opening of Lawari tunnel on daily basis so as to save these people from starvation as well as to enable serious patients, injured persons and ailing people to reach hospitals of Peshawar etc timely through lawari tunnel.  


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