Monday, December 23, 2013

Rally held against corruption of government departments.

Rally held against corruption of government departments.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  Residents of Booni and members of Tahreeki Huqooqi awam  sub Division Mastuj held a rally against corruption of communication and works (C&W department), Irrigation, Public health engineering and SHYDO departments. The rally started from Chew bridge passing through main Shahi Bazar and ended at press club. They chanted slogan against misappropriation of huge fund and embezzlement against these departments. They said that a huge amount was spent in papers but there is nothing on ground. They said that Mastuj, Parwak, Torkho Molko and By pass road are still incomplete despite spending of huge amount in million but these roads are still presenting desert look. Which is clear proof of corruption of C&W  department. Similarly Public Health Engineering department badly failed to provide potable drinking water to residents of Chitral. They said that some of their schemes are totally ghost and they have been shown only in papers. They said that Booni Parwak, Laspur, Rayeen, Shahgram, Khot and Molko water supply pipeline schemes badly failed and people facing acute shortage of drinking water.
They said that irrigation department also run in the same race of corruption and no irrigation channel or any scheme was success in last 10 years. They said that Irrigation department have design a channel but it not irrigating even 10 Acres of land but million of rupees were embezzled by this way.  They anger protesters also held a press conference. Addressing to the news conference they alleged these departments for involve in corruption and a huge amount were spent on different ghost developmental schemes at sub division Mastuj. They said that Molko, Singor, Lawi, Aoweer, irrigation channels were badly failed. They said that Chitral have potential of thousands of megawatt of electricity but Sarhad Hydro Development Organization (SHYDO) could not fulfilled requirement of energy of the area. They said that a non technical person have been deployed at Reshun hydro power house who harmed this power house badly. They said that workers of Tahreeki Huqooqi Awam demanding from the federal and provincial government for conducing inquiry against corruption of these departments and take stern action against the corrupt staff as well as recover the money from them which should be spend on developmental schemes of the area.


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