Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Kalash community demanded protection of their land from Mafia.

Kalash community demanded protection of their land from Mafia.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  Residents of Birir Kalash valley demanded from district administration and provincial government for protection of their land from Land Mafia. They were demonstrating on Deputy Commissioner Chitral road. Elites of Kalsh community comprising on male and female they said that they have heir land of their forefather at Khairabad for centuries.  They said that our forefathers were using that land as pasture in winter season and now that is in their posses.
Elites of Kalash community Wazir Azam, Mir Bacha, Wali Jan, Khalid Umar, Noor Ahmad etc said that they are being harassing by Mumtaz and his relatives.
They sai that  a local person Mumtaz of Khairabad trying for the last 3 years to occupy this land from Kalash community. They said that last week Mumtaz along with some criminal persons of Damil attacked on our home and injured a woman. They said that Mumtaz is an influential person who had hired some outsider's persons who involve in different criminal cases and want to snatch the land from our posses. As well as they also alleged that Mumtaz attacked on their houses by threatening a lady of killing them as a result she  became unconscious and was took to Doctor clinic for treatment. But police have not lodged terrorism act (7ATA) in FIR they alleged.  They demanded from the district police officer for including (Extension) of terrorism act in FIR against Mumtaz and his colleagues.
In this connection when this scribe contacted District Police Officer Ghulam Hussain he denied any terrorism attack or  involvement in this case. He said that Drosh police already lodged FIR against Mumtaz and his team and has arrested 7 persons who are still in lock up on judicial remand  and according to our legal section no terrorism act can be implanted in such cases.


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