Friday, March 14, 2014

RCDP Chitral organized cultural & peace event to promote social harmony, under the auspices of SAP-PK’s AAWAZ project.

  RCDP Chitral organized cultural & peace event to promote social harmony, under the auspices of SAP-PK's AAWAZ project.
RCDP Chitral invited Chitral's famous Poets including Afzalullah Afzal, Jamshid Hussain Arif,Wasiuddin akash, Shehzad khan Shehzad, Syed Latif Hussain Shah, Khair Muhammad Sahil, Ansar Elahi Sadda, Syed Hussain Shah, Jawad Akhtar Javad, Ismail u Rehman Rehmani, Syed u Rehman Syedi, Sanaullah sanni, Zafarullah Mahi, Syed Nazir Hussain Shah Nazir, Muhammad Aslam Sherwani, Muhammad Sharif Uroj, Saddiqullah Saddiq, Jannahuddin Parwana, Mulla Nigah Nigah, Shehzada Tanver ul Muluk, Zahid Hussain Qaq, Ali Nafas Sadda and Hassan Basri.
Lots of participants participated on this event. The event started with the recitation from the Holy Quran, hamd& naat & followed by the introduction of the participants.
Fazal Muhammad took stage responsibility, introduced RCDP & explained three major objectives of AAWAZ project ie WPP, conflict resolution & social service delivery. He asked religious scholars and intellectuals to spread universal message of peace and promote tolerance and patience in national character to avoid incidents of intolerance in future.
The event was facilitated by Mr. Arbaz Ali Shah  & Mr. Mohammad Ismail
The poetries of different poets reflect the role of culture and arts in Peace Building said that in Islam there is no culture other than the Islamic Teachings, but however, we are associated and are mingled with different societal cultures, therefore, the role of the culture in playing its part as far as our daily life is concerned, cannot be denied. While living with multi-cultural people around, we must be taking care of things which do not suite to our living environment. We should be giving rise to such an atmosphere wherein our upcoming generation is safe and is of succeeding stage.
They also cited the example of Sufism with the context of the lower district because that particular culture is no more existent in Chitral.  However, he did not deny the fact of traditional norms and of customary laws being the driving force behind making of the societies good or bad. Notwithstanding, he maintained that according to the good saying "Charity begins at Home" whatever we said and learnt during this event necessitates that we must start from ourselves instead of looking for others to come and do for us.
The Chief guest Shehzada Tanver ul Muluk (President Anjuman e Tarraqi e Khuwar) said that hate speeches and sermons should be stopped immediately. He urged religious scholars (ulema) to play their positive role in promoting sectarian harmony and unity among people of different faiths. He also called upon the general public to maintain unity within their ranks and don't let the relationship of mutual respect and affection die down. He described sectarian hatred and intolerance as a conspiracy against the peace loving and peace supporting people and unity of Pakistan.
He pointed out that sectarian unrest and continued violent incidents in different areas reflect failure of institutions and lack of tolerance in the society. "We have to work together for finding a solution to prevent actions that offend religious sentiments, incite violence or acts of violence and intolerance in our society,"
He also thanks & appreciate RCDP & AAWAZ project to organized such a event.
At last our The Chief guest Shehzada Tanver ul Muluk (President Anjuman e Tarraqi e Khuwar distributed Shield & medal to the participants (poets)


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