Thursday, April 3, 2014

Power committee urged on Wada for providing of 30 Megawatt electricity from Golain goal power house.

Power committee urged on Wada for providing of 30 Megawatt electricity from Golain goal power house.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi
CHITRAL:  An emergency meeting of Town Power committee held at Chitral club under the chair of Iftikharuddin Member National Assembly Chitral.  Khan Hayatullah Khan president of TPC briefed participants comprising over all political and religious parties that Chitral town facing great energy crises despite that having 15000 megawatt potential of hydro power.  People suffering from 48 hours continue load shedding. He said that TPC have launched movement for their genuine right to redress power issue of Chitral. Speakers on the occasion urged on federal government for giving 30 Megawatt electricity to Chitral from Golain power house of 106 MW.
Addressing on the occasion MNA Chitral Shahzada Iftikharuddin said that he had already tackle  the  issue with chairman wapda. As well as Wapda have auction tender for transmission line and hopefully Chitral will get sufficient electricity. He warned that without giving 30 Megawatt of electricity to Chitral we will not allow Wapda to carry it from Chitral to down district.
He said that revised estimate for Booni to Shandor and Torkho road is under process and fund will be release for these mega projects. Hussain Ahmad, Haji Abdul Jalil former president of trade union Chitral and other raised the issue that Abdul Wali Khan by pass road is still incomplete  despite that former government have released its fund.  They said that shopkeepers and pedestrian affected by infectious diseases due to dust on by pass road.
They said that due to apathy and negligence of communication & works department By pass road was not completed timely and it is using for illegal Taxi stand. Speakers stressed upon the participants for joint efforts for community interest. A large number of politicians, social workers, representatives of all parties and people belonging to all walk of life attended the meeting.


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