Sunday, July 13, 2014

AKRSP Chitral had arranged a high level DRESS MAKING TRAINING for Trainer Khawateen/Youth selected

AKRSP Chitral had arranged a high level DRESS MAKING TRAINING for Trainer Khawateen/Youth selected by AKRSP from ......Torkhow and ......Mulkhow.
The Training was aimed to empower Women folk of the areas Socially and Economically and to make them at par with the smooth and Harmonious Development of the community.

AKRSP has been trying to address the challanges focusing poverty alleviation, unemployment, and geneder descrimination. Ten Trainees were participating in the Training, who after ward to work as Trainers. Hostel facility bwas also provided with full fledged resources and facilities. All the Trainees exhibilted well discipline and learning culture. The trainees were more enthusuasitic and ambitious and also learned additional skills.
Some of them rgistered themselves to achieve further sophistication after Ramadhan at their own management. They all were very satiafied and specially grateful to the AKRSP for arranging such a high calibre Dress Making nTraining for the you of the out reach areas.

The Environmenmt of the Training was very Learningt Friendly and congenial, and homelike culture made the training a pleassant experience. The a number of Production made by them
were World Level and Export Quality. The Resource persons cared them very much and left no stone unturned to Equip them with highest skills and manners.

The AKRSP Representatives monitored the events regularly and watched the situations and recorded as well guided accordingly.The Training was started on 06 Jun and ended on 26 Jun 2014. The candidates are hoped to play their Role best in the future. They will not only SAVE their money but EARN more for their family and acquire further sophistication according to thye IDEAS they imparted during the Training.
Mrs Shamim Akhtar and Raza Ali monitored the creative events successfully till the end. Admission in IWDC Uchusht Balahisar Chitral will continue after Ramadhan, First shift for general candidates and Second shift for College/School you to develop their capacity and enhance their skills.


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