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Garam Chasma Valley……………..Altaf Ajaz

Garam Chasma Valley……………..Altaf Ajaz
Garam Chasma Valley is located 45Km away to the South-west from Chitral. From thereon the road bifurcates making a V Shape of which the right direction ends at Shah salim via many beautiful places while the extreme north of the left direction is known as Gogusht village. The two ends peter out forming a thin tunnel that enters the Afghanistan borders.
Garam Chasma is a beautiful valley. It possesses striking sceneries like rolling green hills, small forests, landscapes dominated by huge mountains and cool and hot spring water. In every season, views and scenes are romantic in their own way. Murdan, Garam Chasma, Beshqer, Ovirk, Sanik,Jitur, Parabeig and Gobor are the attractive sights of the area while in the agricultural regard every piece of the land under cultivation is worthy of praise. Particularly when it comes to the potato-cultivation, one farm surpasses the other. The cultivation of potato in Garam Chasma valley has been in full swing for the past many years and, at present, every farmer looks satisfied only when he has sowed some portion of his field with potatoes. At the end of the season when the potatoes are sensed ready to be dug out, the furrows are dealt with such an impressive technique that a strange person cannot help being astonished from the sight.
With the sharp arrival of september when you see trucks appearing on the sides of the road near Murdan just like ants one after another, you should be sure that the potato season has been started ahead in the region. First of all you will see trucks scarcely here and there but do not start counting them for you will soon exhaust from your act while the number of the trucks is not going to end. The central area of the valley is called Garam chasma where the tekadars, truck-dirvers and the people of the valley make their gathering having all the hustles and bustles. It is here that a long hot debate is opened for the potato price. But it is very transitory environment; within two months or so the whole of the area becomes dead empty and in one morning you will find mountains, planes, villages, farm, and road all in the grip of the dazzling snow leaving numbing cold. As Garam Chasma is situated in the center therefore potatoes are taken to cities after
being piled here from all parts of the area. There are nearly fifty villages including hamlets in the valley and every village gives a good yield of potato. A farmer does painstaking work in the field and then gains handsome profit at the end of the season. Three farmers of every five sell approximately eighty sacks of potato each year but a point worth mentioning is that all the yield is randomly sold in sackwise rather than scaling it for a particular measurement. On the other hand, potato price keeps precarious jumps and remains pendulum from two thousand to five. It should be noted that a farmer who sells eighty sacks is considered among the poor farmers in the society while the one who has hefty fertile land buys more than twenty sacks of potato as for the seed and, after doing hard work on it, produces fifteen sacks from each.
The total income from potatoes in the valley can be assessed likely that in every year more than five hundred trucks visit the valley as transporters for the potatoes and every truck takes ninety sacks or so in its turn. It is also said that one truck comes twice. Whatsoever, lacs of crores of income is made from this far-flung periphery of the country.
The people of Garam Chasma are simple and hard-working. They always prefer to do mutual work. They participate their best both in festivity and grievance of one another. In the connection of potatoes, they entertain notions that injustice is done with them every year when they sell potatoes. Takedars go out of the way to buy the net yields for the price as low as possible and the same yield is sold for two time bigger price ahead in the markets. Tekadars should be reasonable and should buy the annual yield of every farmer for a price which can create a win-win situation so that the next coming year be uncourageous for the farmers.


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