Wednesday, April 8, 2015

APML workers meeting to frame strategy for upcoming local bodies election , coalition with other parties

 APML workers meeting to frame strategy for upcoming local bodies election , coalition with other parties.
By: Gul Hamaad Farooqi  CHITRAL:  An important meeting of All Pakistan Muslim League (APML) workers was held in a local hotel under the chair of captain retired Farooq Azam. The meeting was called by Shahzada Khalid Parvez district president of APML for counseling with party workers about coalition with other political parties for upcoming local bodies� election. And also to discuss with senior workers regarding seat adjustment with ally parties so as to win most seats in LB election contest of 2015.   He sought opinion of party workers what they should do to assure winning of maximum seats in this election. Workers suggested that APML should to alliance with PTI, PPP at Chitral. During the meeting a unanimous resolution was also passed. A large number of party workers and loyal to Parvez Musharaf participated in this important meeting and discussed on various aspects for strategy of upcoming LB election.  They expressed fully trust on central as well as district leadership of APML. Party works expressed their confidence on Shahzada Khalid Parvez and other office bearers of APML and allow tyem for coalition and alliance with any political party for upcoming election. As well as they also fully authorized him for deal with other parties on seats adjustment at Chitral. Representatives of 24 union councils were present in the meeting leading of their areas of APML.  They assured that they will accept any decision of district president regarding coalition and seat adjustment with other parties. They determined to work hard day and night for strengthening of party and winning maximum seats in election. Through a resolution they determined that they will follow rule regulations so as to not create any law and order situation at Chitral and will continue their election campaign with great tolerance, care and respecting others. As well as they will never allow other parties to use sectarianism, prejudice,  biased   language. They also assured district administration of Chitral for their fully cooperation to maintain exemplary peaceful environment of Chitral.   APML workers will raise the slogan of � first Pakistan� (Sab say pehlay Pakistan) and will work for sovereignty of the country and development of chitral.  During the meeting a large number of people of other political parties like PTI, PPP, QWP left their party and announced to join APML.   Those who spoke on the occasion were Muhammad Wali Shah chairman Orghuch, Shah Khan Drosh, Sharafuddin Laspur, Mir Wali Yarkhun,   Syed Qamaruddin Shah Mastuj, Syed Sardar Hussain Shah Charoon, Muhammad Ashraf Khot, Maulana Kifayatullah Shahgram, Maulana Chaman Khan  Terich,  Haji Hussain Mulkho, Qazi Sher Hakeem Kosht, Abdul Majeed Shoghor, Mirza Khan Karimabad,  Itibar Shah Lutkoh, Munier Ahmad Charvello, Zahir Khan Drosh, Qazi Israruddin Ashriat, Haji Ibad Khan Arando and Imran Kabeer Kalash valley.  The meeting was disbursed with praying words of Maulana Kifayatullah. A large number of party workers from entire district participated in the meeting.


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